Alok Sir’s command over the subjects is extraordinary and…..He is an amazing teacher with extraordinary energy and teaching skills…

IMG_20150530_220100I am Rajani Maheswari and I scored 9.8 CGPA in my class X CBSE Board exam .

I  had not done very well in Maths and Science in my first term exam of Class X and I had the opportunity of attending Alok Sir’s classes in second term in Class X only.

I was scared that due to my below average performance in First Term Class X my grades would go down drastically.

Baruah Sir appeared like a boon from nowhere and he constantly egged me on to improve my scores in Maths and Science.

He encouraged me to do a 360 degree coverage of Maths and Science so as to make room for the lost grounds in the  First term.

As if he knew that if I improved my Maths and Science scores , my overall score will improve greatly…which actually did as I realize now.

Baruah Sir’s classes were very amazing.(Classes in Campion A1).

I could remember me sitting in his classes for hours at a stretch without getting bored.

He is an amazing teacher with extraordinary energy and teaching skills…Alok Sir’s  command over the subjects is extraordinary and…..

Any questions I asked, he patiently answered without any hesitation or irritation whatsoever even if it was a silly one…

Plus, he saw to it that my concepts were clear… and that there was no confusion whatsoever.

In  Baruah Sir,  I found a real mentor, a guide, and a fatherly figure.

I owe every bit of my success to him.

Thank you Sir for all the caring guidance and loving care.

Yours Sincerely

Rajani Maheswari, Ex-Holy Child School,CBSE- Class X – 9.8 CGPA, Assam


“Campion A1 tezpur is a great place for HS students”

ManishAlok Sir Classes @ Campion A1… is a Great place for H.S.L.C. and H.S. Candidates!

The centre provides a very suitable environment for learning.

The teacher here is very hardworking and is very much devoted in teaching his students.

The students are being taught using a projector, the students are given handouts after completing each chapter.

From solving a simple question to solving entrance exam questions.

This study centre will help to build a better mindset and encourages the students a lot. Sir Alok Baruah, alone, has been doing a great job!

From a lazy student to a intelligent student, once you join here – you will never walk out being the same person you were!

Manish Geetam, currently pursuing B. Arch in Pune

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“Alok Sir @ Campion A1 is the best Teacher”

Ayush PhotoA teacher has a special place in the lives and hearts of knowledge-seekers.

Revered for being a noble profession which can transform the lives of students, ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures put the teacher on a pedestal as a Godly person.

Alok Sir is the best teacher I have ever met.. .

The institute ( Campion A1) is like a pilgrimage to me.To the world sir may be just a teacher, but to me he is a hero 🙂

Currently I am pursuing Physics Honors and the tricks & methods that Sir told us still helps me.

Ayush NCC
Ayush Hazarika actively involved @ NCC

My Physics base is strong because of Alok Sir.

THANK YOU SIR for everything…!

If you want to outshine the rest and master the skills.

Then,  Campion A1 is the best place for you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to study there.

Ayush Hazarika,

Currently pursuing B.Sc (Physics) ,

North East Hill University

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“Best Coaching Centre in Tezpur”

Hello everyone.

I am Upashana Talukdar, currently studying in class 12.

Speaking of this institution, I would like to say that Campion A1 is the best coaching centre I would have ever known.

Unlike other institutions, Campion A1 helps the students to initiate and make every little impossible things to turn out to be easy.

The best part of this institution is that it not only teaches you the skills to be an excellent student but also teaches you the well aspects of your life.

Alok Baruah sir has made learning our passion.

He has turned out every bit of boring stuff to be unimaginatively interesting. He has helped to instill in us the hunger for knowledge, the passion to learn, and help ignite the flame to set ablaze our dreams.

Thank you sir..

Thank you Campion A1 ,for allowing us to make mistakes, supporting our efforts, and celebrating our accomplishments.

I am proud to be a part of Campion A1

Upashana New Google Cover Page

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“No. 1 Tuition Centre in Tezpur”

I am presently pursuing my 12th science tuition classes at Campion A1,Tezpur which is the best among all other institutions.

Our Mentor Alok Baruah Sir Teaches so well that I never felt any confusion in the subjects.

The classes offers us very good environment for studying.Chirasman

The best thing is that apart from courses teachings , you get all the necessary information/details that a student should know or get.

Alok Baruah Sir is an excellent Mentor who knows perfect style of teaching,which rarely other institutions knows.

I would refer Campion A1 classes to all the higher secondary students..



Yours sincerely, Chiraman Borah

Chirasman Borah

Class 12th science

Jawahar Navodaya Vidya laya Sivasagar.

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Angshuman from KV shares his 92.2% secret….


I’m Angshuman Bhardwaj.

I secured 92.2% in CBSE class 10 board.

I joined “Campion A1” in 2017.

At first I used to be very afraid of Maths because of which I always hesitated in doing it.Anshuman Bharadwaj

But now I don’t get afraid or feel demotivated whenever I can’t solve a problem and its all because of Mr Alok Baruah. He is a very loving, caring person.

He gives every student a very warm environment to study. His teaching style is quite extraordinary which is why he is placed at a different level in compared to other teachers.

Most of the time students don’t have faith or they don’t feel the respect towards their teacher which happens to me.

But it seemed like some heavenly power bestowed a faith in me that here (Campion A1), I can give all my faith.

And it has proved me right.

I get fully motivated whenever Sir teaches us.

He is not a kind of person you get along everywhere, he has a different aura that can only be explained by people who has personally met him.

I suggest all u guys to please join Campion A1 and be blessed with the knowledge of “Alok Baruah” sir.

Thank you Sir

Anshuman Review Final for all

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“Alok Sir @ Campion A1 can boost your marks”

Hi everybody I am Naman from army public school.

The place where this coaching centre is situated is very peaceful and u will get a great environment to study.

Let me tell you that it is the most advanced Tuition centre in Tezpur and sir use to teach with the help of visualizer.

Alok Sir have huge knowledge and he teaches maths, physics, chemistry and biology from class 9 to 12 alone and he make all concepts clear and make you learn faster and regular tests go on before your exam which boost up your marks and make you more confident that you are going to score well.

And at last I want to say that if you want to score well in boards and want to get success in life join this Tuition centre now.


Naman from Army School who took tuition @ Campion A1

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Rittiz says Campion A1 can build and shape your future

Campion A1 is an excellent place to take your learning skills into a next level.

Alok Baruah sir is a genius craftsman who will not only find out your potential but also craft your learning skills and take your knowledge to a new dimension.

He is the best tutor and personality that impreesive.

He helped me understand mathematics on a whole new level.The way he explains makes it easy for me to apprehend and learn new things.

If you are a student and seeking for tuition then Campion A1 will be a right place for you to shape and build your future.

At last, i would like to thank Alok Baruah sir for always standing by my side whenever i gave up.

His valuable teachings not only helped me pursue a good result but also helped me to develop into a good person.

says Rittiz Hazarika @ Darrang College, B.Sc student

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